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About me

I have been taking pictures ever since I can remember. However, a new world opened up for me, once I really got into photography. I started moving from capturing a beautiful scene in pixels towards translating the experience of what I encounter into an image.

The camera helps me to not only look, but to actually see.

     “An image is not only the capturing of the visible, but rather the visualization of the complexity of sensory blendings.”


I love to travel to foreign lands and wander through vast and empty landscapes.  I’m lucky to be able to go to places where I experience nature and wildlife to the full. And sometimes I immerse myself in urban areas. The material I work with is that what I come across. I am a passerby: everything has been before I came, and will be after I leave. What I encounter is the unexpected. It is not staged, not manufactured, I have altered nothing. But I do feel strongly connected with my surroundings and am deeply impressed.

And that is what I try to visualize in my images in “Connections” and “Encounters“.

I experience a form of synesthesia, which I consider a gift. This is a multi-sensory way of perceiving, a kind of cross-over between the senses. In my brain an idea, a poem or a piece of music is involuntarily perceived as an image of colors and emotions. Numbers and letters, the day of the week or the future, I see them as shapes and hues. 

This condition I explore in my photography. An image is not only the capturing of the visible, but rather the visualization of the complexity of sensory blendings. I experiment with space, time and chroma in “Impressions” and “Fluidities“.


My photography is inspired by the same values that motivate me in my daily job. I am a communications manager at a private philanthropic fund that contributes to an open and democratic society, to conservation and protection of healthy ecosystems and to equal opportunities for all.

Through my work I am able to express my social commitment. I hope that one day also with my photography I will be able to contribute to a better world.